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Woodside, Ashlake Copse Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 4EY

01983 882269 / 07779 424018

Have you ever tried to change an unwanted habit only to find your subconscious mind resisting? The great hypnotherapist Charles Tebbets wrote: “Since the subconscious mind is our driving force, we always do what our subconscious believes. Since it will believe anything it is told, we can reprogram it if we bypass the conscious mind and substitute new constructive ideas for its existing negative ones.”

All behaviours are learnt behaviours, the results of past programming from parents, teachers, peers, co-workers, television etc. This programming can either propel us to success or keep us from it in spite of our best efforts. My aim as a hypnotherapist is to empower my clients to reprogram their negative thought processes so they can make profound changes in a positive way. I use a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP techniques to customise a treatment plan for my clients.

Consultations are held in Fishbourne Isle of Wight. Please contact me on 07779 424018 to arrange a mutually convenient date and time

Sandy Hector

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