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Have you just qualified or would like some support with your hypnotherapy practice? This could be just what you are looking for…

Supervision via Skype one - one

What is Supervision for Hypnotherapists?

Have you just qualified or would like some support with your hypnotherapy practice? This could be just what you are looking for to help you to grow your business and benefit from our experience. Supervision for hypnotherapists is a structured support system to help you to focus on your abilities, learning and strengths to notice what works. We offer One-One Skype Supervision to fit your needs to help you to grow your business and to support you with your clients.  This can be to suit you and how busy your practice is, you can choose when you need support and book a time convenient for you.  Without having to commit yourself to monthly support.


We offer Supervision ad-hoc to ensure that you have a supervisor available when you need it.  Feel free to contact HSOH to find out how we can help you.

Becoming a hypnotherapist is only the first step in setting up practice as a Trainer I have come to realise that you are all unique, and some of you struggle with charging for your services. Sometimes you need to discuss techniques and which technique to use with different clients. Others with Facebook and technical stuff!! Collecting testimonials and having the right mindset to attract clients. Knowing what to write on your website, networking and advertising your business. All of these things are important for you to be able to be successful and attract clients for you to work with.

I have worked full time as a hypnotherapist for 12 years. I remember when I first started I would have loved to have been able to talk with someone who could advise me on whether I was doing it right!! Or what different techniques I could have used. I did not even know how to open an email and as for the internet it was all beyond me. Now I blog, have a website, Face Book page, Mail chimp account and have a good understanding of technology.

Being a hypnotherapist is such a rewarding job I think of it as people pay me to tell them how brilliant they are, the best job in the world. I also love training and find nothing more rewarding than hearing from hypnotherapists that I have trained being successful. However, some of them struggle finding clients and would like to have support to discuss ideas and to talk through techniques and working with clients. When you think about the knowledge that you have you are able to help nine out of ten people with at least one problem. The market for hypnotherapists is massive all we need to do is spread the word.

Most importantly you need to take action and promote yourself and let people know about your wonderful skill. Feel confident and encouragement that you are good at what you do. Share your ideas and have feedback.

Skype one-one Supervision can help you:

  • Do you feel that you want to grow your hypnotherapy business?
  • Understand technology?
  • Share your ideas?
  • Be supported?
  • Discuss different techniques?
  • Share your concerns?

Skype supervision cost £50 per hour.  Including 50 minute call and 10 minutes keeping full records on a spreadsheet which will be forwarded to you once a year.

Do I need supervision?

It is a requirement of most professional therapy associations that new therapists undertake formal supervision from an experienced hypnotherapist. Striving for excellence in therapeutic practice, engaging in formal supervision maintains and raises professional and ethical standards, accountability and ensures the highest level of care for your clients.

Accredited Hypnotherapists registered with the self-regulating governing bodies General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Hypnotherapy Society are required to undergo formal supervision. This can be one- one or part of a group meeting at regular intervals.
You are encouraged to continue this practice as part of your personal and continuing professional development.

For one-one Supervision requirements please do not hesitate to contact me.

Skype one-one Supervision: Cost £50 per hour includes 50 minute Skype call and 10 minutes to keep full records on a spreadsheet which will be forward to you.

We offer ad-hoc Supervision for hypnotherapists that are starting to build a practice and may not need monthly Supervision. But need guidance when you have clients booked and would like support on how to grow your business.

As hypnotherapists we do not build a client base, we build a reputation. This can be rather daunting as you need to be able to market yourself. As a hypnotherapist, I can help you to find what marketing strategies will work for you. How to attract clients via Facebook and the internet.

For more information send me an email at  and we can arrange an informal chat.

Being a fairly new hypnotherapist I had struggled to find good supervision. I had tried other places and hadn’t really found the level of support that I needed. I had been on a couple of Lorraine’s CPD days and instantly knew that she was the right person to go to for supervision.

The most important things is that when you go through a session with Lorraine you come away knowing what to do better next time and believing that you can do it! Her extensive experience as a trainer and a therapist enables her to guide you and offer real client experience to back up what she is saying. She makes me feel empowered and incredibly confident. I feel emotionally supported too!

Carol Seaborne

Hypnotherapist, Medway Hypnotherapy

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