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Hello My name is Lorraine Gleeson and I’ve taught Hypnotherapy since 2007 offering support to hypnotherapists via Supervision and CPD courses. I run successful classroom training as well as online training for students who want to become qualified Hypnotherapists.

Become a Qualified Hypnotherapist

Become a qualified Hypnotherapist with the HSOH School Of Hypnotherapy. We have training centres based at Technopole, in Portsmouth, and in Clanfield, Hampshire. We are dedicated not only to training hypnotherapists to a professional standard, but just as importantly we support you during and after your training. Lorraine is always willing to share ideas and be there for practical advice. If you would prefer to learn at home we offer online training courses as well.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

The Diploma in Hypnotherapy offered by the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy has been assessed and validated at Practitioner Level by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) UK, The National Hypnotherapy Society and The Hypnotherapy Association.

Successful graduates will be awarded a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and are eligible for professional registration with The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). The National Hypnotherapy Society and the Hypnotherapy Association. Giving you not only a choice of who you affiliate yourself with but peace of mind that your training is to a high standard. Giving you the confidence to successfully help your clients.

“Live” Training via video link

The HSOH school of hypnotherapy is now offering live training via video link for CPD courses

Why live training?

  • It is like being in the classroom as the trainer is there in front of you.
  • You can train from the comfort of your own home.
  • No travelling.
  • Manuals will be emailed to you a few days before for you to download.
  • You can train from anywhere nationally or internationally.
  • Most of our live training courses come with ‘free‘ access to pre-recorded videos for 90 days. Enabling you to watch the training again at your own leisure.
Live Online Training

CPD Continual Professional Development Courses

Are you already a trained Hypnotherapy practitioner? Do you want to increase or strengthen your range or require Supervision? The HSOH School of Hypnotherapy CPD Courses in our classroom training environment can help you achieve this.
IMR & Regress to Cause incl. Inner Child and Gestalt Techniques Training Course with the HSOH
Hypno-Gastric Band Training Course with the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy
Parts Therapy Training Course with the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy
Smoking Cessation Techniques Training Course with the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy
Group Weight Loss Training Course with the HSOH
Diploma in Hypnotherapy and CPD courses
Online Training Courses with the HSOH

Online Training

The HSOH is proud of the hypnotherapy courses offered at our school. It has always been our goal to bring hypnotherapy training to as many of you as possible. Now we can – with our hypnotherapy online video courses.

Learn from the comfort of home or anywhere in the world. Our CPD courses give you 90 days of access and 365 days of access to our Certificate in Hypnotherapy.

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

The Certificate in Hypnotherapy course (also known as the Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis) is run by the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy as a one-week, full-time course. The certificate course covers the basics of hypnotherapy, gives you the practical skills and knowledge to induce a hypnotic state and the skills to induce clinical hypnosis on your friends and family to help them lose weight or give up smoking . The Certificate in Hypnotherapy is an ideal way of learning a new skill and seeing if hypnotherapy is the right career choice for you. Our one-week Certificate in Hypnotherapy course is designed so that you can continue your training to gain the full Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Live Q & A’s with Lorraine Gleeson

Join one of our upcoming Live Q&A’s with Lorraine Gleeson

We offer Live Q&A’s with Lorraine Gleeson throughout the year. This is your chance to ask questions and discuss the hot topics surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy throughout the world.

How to be a Hypnotherapist

Are you interested in qualifying as a Hypnotherapist? Have you recently qualified and are looking for some great hints and tips? Have you been qualified for a while, but want to explore more in your journey?

Then is this is the book for you. With her many years’ experience of being a therapist herself and teaching therapists: Lorraine Gleeson is more than qualified to tell us all about “how to be a hypnotherapist”. With practical advice, tips and even scripts – this book is the “go to manual” for all your hypnotherapy needs.

Highly recommended by students and teachers alike, this client-focused manual will show you how to be the best you can be and give your clients the support they deserve.

GHR Accredited Supervisor
GHSC Accredited TRaining
GHSC Accredited TRaining
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"A Career in Hypnotherapy"

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