A Day In The Life Of A Hypnotherapist

lorraine gleeson

Hi – welcome to my blog! I have spent time thinking about how I could do a regular blog that would be interesting to hypnotherapists and people that maybe interested in a career change and considering becoming a hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is self-regulated and there are many training schools that you can attend including the Hampshire School Of Hypnotherapy and I thought it might be of interest to have an insight of what it is like to work as a hypnotherapist and as a working hypnotherapist I will be blogging about things that happen in the therapy room as a hypnotherapist.

In my blog, all names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. I ask every client in my ‘client intake form’: Would you mind if your feedback is included in our marketing? I will not be mentioning any clients that have requested not to be included in my marketing so if any stories are similar to yours I do apologise.

As a hypnotherapist we do get some really good feedback and if you include a statement in your intake form and when a client reports back at how well they are doing you can simply say can I use this as a testimonial on my web-site, people like to see testimonials. You will be surprised at how many people are quite happy to have their feedback included however, I do always change their names and sometimes the location of where they live.

I will be blogging at least once a month about what has actually happened in both the training and my therapy room, there will be some useful tips on different techniques or some interesting stories.


Hypnotherapy and fears/phobias

Hypnotherapy and fears/phobias hypnotherapy is very effective at helping people to overcome their fears.   The great thing is that quite often you as a hypnotherapist can help people to overcome a fear very quickly.   Although from my experience sometimes...

On-line Training

On-line training can be useful and more convenient than attending a classroom. Particularly when you are a confident hypnotherapist and have attended classroom training. With the access that we have to the internet on-line training seems to be becoming more popular....

Working with Anxiety

Working with Anxiety and using hypnotherapy can be so effective. It is one of my favourite areas to work with. The reason being is that clients that suffer from Anxiety find it hard to do some of the things that they want to do in their everyday life. Simple things to...

Hypnotherapy newsletters

Hypnotherapy newsletters are an excellent way of keeping clients informed on how useful hypnotherapy is at helping with positive changes.  Also how many things hypnotherapy can help with. Are hypnotherapy newsletters easy to set up? Yes and on Mail chimp and guess...

Control System with Tim Box

Control System with Tim Box at the Hampshire School Of Hypnotherapy.    When you read self-help books, business books they tend to have a similar message.  That message is THINK POSITIVELY! Well, how easy can that be?  So you start thinking positively, whether it...

Marketing Hypnotherapy

Marketing hypnotherapy this is the key to having a successful practice. How do you market Hypnotherapy? This month I am going to write about having a presence on the internet. Marketing Hypnotherapy on Google. Of course, you will have a website. But a website alone...

Pain Control

As a trainer of Hypnotherapy, I do train techniques that I have been taught. Although I may not have had the first-hand experience of using them on myself. Recently I had an operation on my foot and had the opportunity to use the pain control techniques to help me. I...

Have you made your list?

Christmas is over and back to work. The end of 2016 and the start of a New Year this is a time that we tend to start to set our goals and reflect back on how the previous year was to us. Have you made your list? Or maybe you call it setting your goals? A vision board?...

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