Parts Therapy Training “Live” Online


Parts Therapy Training
Wednesday 7th August 9:30 am – 4:30 pm // Saturday 16th November 2024 9:30 am – 4:30 pm // Friday 6th December 2024 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

A 1-Day training to learn the advanced technique of Parts Therapy. You have the option to attend this training in person or join live online.

Read the description below to find out what Free Extras you get with the Parts Therapy training.

Add Parts Therapy Training to your hypnotherapy toolbox.

Parts Therapy Training is an advanced technique used to help resolve inner conflict within our clients. It is developed from the teachings of Charles Tebbetts and Roy Hunter.

What is Parts Therapy?

We are all made up of different parts. For example, there is part of us that is a cook, a driver, a parent or teacher. Then there is a part of us that likes to learn or a part of us that is a child. Another part of us can be serious or a little crazy. Parts can sometimes be referred to as ego states. I like to call them parts to keep it simple and easy to understand.

All parts of us are here to protect us and help us to cope with life. However, sometimes we are not happy with a particular part of us. For example, a part of us may want to promote our business and go out and give talks, and another part of us doesn’t want us to stand up and talk and be seen. Both parts are trying to protect us but are in conflict with each other. This is when parts therapy can be a helpful tool.

Included in your training course:

  • A manual detailing the training for you to keep
  • All scripts to facilitate Parts Therapy
  • When to use Parts Therapy
  • How to explain Parts Therapy to a client
  • How to use Parts Therapy with the IMR (Ideomotor Response)
  • Questioning and creating rapport with the parts
  • How to resolve inner conflicts

You have the option to attend this training in person or join live online. After the course, a personalised professional certificate from the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy will be sent directly to you.

Bonus Extras

FREE 90 days access to our Parts Therapy Online Training, giving you a saving of £150.

Add Parts Therapy Training to your basket now and checkout with confidence, knowing you’ll be adding a unique technique to your therapy practice. This training is only available through the HSOH School of Hypnotherapy. It is taught by Lorraine Gleeson, author of ‘How to Be a Hypnotherapist ‘.

Live Classroom Training

If you would like to train directly with Lorraine in a classroom environment, contact us for dates available.

This training course is accredited by The National Hypnotherapy Society and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Please note that all CPD course fees are non-refundable. If you cannot attend your CPD training due to exceptional circumstances, an alternative date may be offered. Please use our Contact Page or email 

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Wednesday 7th August 2024, Saturday 16th November 2024, Friday 6th December 2024


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