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Hypno Gastric Band Workshop

This workshop is aimed at practitioners who want to learn the specific weight loss system using the Hypno Gastric Band. Hampshire Hypnotherapy started using the Hypno-Band system (originated by John Maclean) and were initially licensed in September 2009 with excellent results. We have now further developed the system using additional hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to make this even more effective. The system developed by the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy is unique and uses techniques that we have developed over many years of working with many clients with weight problems.

Course Outline

A one day training course enabling you to offer the hypno-gastric band as a service to your clients. It is very much the therapy of the moment and has proved very popular, mainly because of it’s high success rate.

  • Gathering information
  • How to create New Positive Behaviors using hypnosis
  • Pre recorded CDs that will be required
  • Showing Gastric Band DVD
  • Discussing the scripts and the whole process
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Practical Training

Also Included:

  • Downloads for sound effects and DVD of the Gastric Band to show to your clients.
  • All scripts for all sessions including scripts to pre record to give to your clients.
  • Script to deliver creating positive changes.
  • A printed and electronic copy of the documentation and scripts.

On completion of the training, you will be able to offer the 4-session, hypno-gastric band treatment to clients. Become a registered practitioner and expand your practice! View Dates

Ideomotor Response, regression, gestalt and inner child techniques

2 Day CPD workshop

IMR is the technique that is unique to hypnotherapy. It is a must if you are passionate about your profession. Sometimes clinical hypnosis is not enough to help your clients move forward in their lives. The IMR is a direct link to the sub-conscious mind and is such an effective tool if facilitated confidently and efficiently. This workshop is designed to give you a good understanding of the IMR, how to know when it is necessary use regression. The workshop also covers how to facilitate gestalt and inner child as an efficient method of dealing with issues arising out of regression.

Course Outline

  • Why do we use IMR?
  • Explaining IMR to the Client Prior to Hypnosis.
  • Handouts on how to facilitate IMR.
  • What could go wrong and why?
  • How to regress safely.
  • Regression outline.
  • How to facilitate gestalt and inner child effectively.
  • Questioning and maintaining rapport with the subconscious mind.
  • Discussing the different techniques and scripts.
  • Practical demonstration.
  • Practical training.

This course is designed for hypnotherapists who want to be totally client centred and produce long lasting results. Don’t miss your space on our CPD workshops   View Dates

Hypno NLP Workshop

NLP is a very useful tool, which Lorraine used and developed in her practice very successfully. Lorraine included this knowledge in her 15 week Diploma Course along with her brilliant use and understanding of the IMR. If you are passionate about your profession, and would like to combine hypnotherapy with NLP, this 2-day workshop will help you to achieve this.

Therapeutic Hypno NLP Techniques

A unique course to explore the use of NLP techniques.

  • How to use NLP with your clients simply and easily whilst they are in hypnosis.
  • Discover the power and effectiveness of NLP techniques and long term beneficial effects for your clients.
  • Take hypnosis skills to a new level, experience the difference that makes the difference.

Do you find NLP confusing?

  • Come and find out how the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy uses NLP simply and effectively.
  • Seamlessly integrate these techniques into your practice.
  • Workbook containing information you need from theory to easy to use templates.

Find out how to integrate hypno NLP techniques simply and effectively in your practice View Dates

Smoking Cessation Techniques Workshop

This one day workshop is designed to give you different tools on helping clients to give up Smoking. Build a therapy that is client centred as opposed to a client having to fit the therapy.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Smoking
  • Focusing on benefits
  • Creating New Behaviours (six step reframe) technique
  • Kinaesthetic Swish
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Discussing the scripts and the whole process
  • Practical training

Also Included

  • A printed and electronic copy of the Manual
  • Copy of Scripts
  • Outline of the techniques

Add Smoking Cessation packages simply and effectively in your practice View Dates

Parts Therapy Workshop.

This one day workshop will enable you to help clients with inner conflicts to find a resolution.

What is parts therapy?
We are all made up of different parts, for example, there is part of us that is a cook, a driver, a parent or teacher. Then there is a part of us that likes to learn or a part of us that is a child another part of us can be serious or a little crazy. Parts can sometimes be referred to as ego states I like to call them parts to keep it simple and easy to understand.
All parts of us are there to protect us and help us to cope with life. However, sometimes we are not happy with a particular part of us. For example, there may be a part of us that wants to promote our business and go out and give talks, and another part of us doesn’t want us to stand up and talk and be seen. Both parts are trying to protect us but are in conflict with each other this is when parts therapy can be a useful tool.

Course Outline

• What is parts therapy
• When to use parts
• Pre-talk
• How to establish IMR
• Calling out Conflicting Part
• Questioning & Maintaining Rapport
• Calling out Motivating Part

Also Included

• Full Manual, including scripts.


By the end of the course, you will be able to facilitate parts therapy with your clients. There will be a practical demonstration, and you will also have the opportunity to facilitate parts therapy in the classroom.

Cost for the day £110 includes FREE parking and tea/coffee

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Past Life Regression Workshop

We are offering a one day PLR workshop teaching how to do group past life or one-one sessions. Of course, PLR is not evidence of past lives it is for people that have an interest in experiencing a past life that they may have lived. I do not offer PLR as a therapy to resolve problems today.

Course Outline

  • Groups
  • Pre-talk
  • Questions to ask
  • One-one session
  • Demonstration of group past life

Also Included

Full manual with scripts for past life

Cost for the day £110 includes FREE parking and tea/coffee

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